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Jai Sai Ram,
Celebrating the Advent of Sathya Sai Baba gives us an often-overlooked chance to focus on His most important teachings of love, service and detachment. He lit the lamp of selfless seva activities uniting us across the world with a shared set of ideals, irrespective of gender, religion or creed. Baba spoke strongly on the need to travel light, to reduce our attachment with materialistic attractions. Whether it is greed, jealousy, vanity, pride or a host of other self-inflicted enemies, we all have our individual challenges to overcome. However, it is through His teachings, ‘Love All, Serve All’ and ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’ that we can all achieve a calmer state of mind and a deeper sense of peace. 

Since 1988, when Swami entered our lives, He has inspired us and many devotees, through Saisruti, to engage in humanitarian projects such as education; food and clothing distribution; support for widows; a skills programme to ensure self-sufficiency that includes tailoring driving and computing; the installation of bore wells to provide clean, fresh drinking water; aiding the disabled and funding eye, dental and medical camps. In addition to this Saisruti Gaushala cares for abandoned cows, saving them from slaughter, and further initiatives are in place to feed birds and stray dogs. We would like to thank everyone for their donations and support. Our projects can be seen on our website and the accounts can be accessed at the Charities Commission website by simply putting our charity registration number 1123808. 

We are all custodians to this world and each other, instruments to serve and nurture creation. His teachings have inspired our actions, and will continue to do so as we understand just how the complexities of life are unravelled by the simplest of notions.

In Swami’s own words: ‘I do not ascribe one particular date in the calendar as My birthday, for I consider the day when divinity blossoms in your heart as My birthday in you. Therefore, each of you should individually celebrate such a day as My birthday. The day when you resolve to practise My advice, to follow My directives, to translate My message into acts of service, and to engage in sandhana – that day is My birthday for you.’

Sai Ram

Saisruti Charitable Trust Free Dialysis Medical Centre

Saisruti Charitable Trust (Harrow, U.K, Anand) Is An Institute Running Under The Blessing Of Satya Sai Baba Since 2008. This Trust Performs Charitable Work For The Welfare Of Society To Help The Needy People Fight Against The Most Adverse Conditions Of Health Which Are Highly Expensive.

A New Project For Dialysis Of Kidney Patients Is Going To Commence At Bhargava General Hospital, Dehmi, Anand. There Is No Such Charitable Trust Doing Free Dialysis In The Range Of 50kms.

A Well-Equipped 6-Bedded Advanced Renal (Kidney)Dialysis Medical Center Would Be Started By Sai Shruti Charitable Trust, Harrow, U.K, Anand

The Intention Of The Trust Is To Render Totally Free Services To All Suffering From Kidney (Renal) Disorders And Are Recommended Dialysis Twice /Thrice In A Week



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