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Help For Education

Purpose: To serve the poor and needy. Building their careers in education is the main motto of this institution

This trust has taken over 15 village schools and done a memorandum of

To help them achieve a basic education. It promises to give slate, school bags, desi hisab, pencils, erasers, compass boxes, notebooks, textbooks, uniforms, and footwear to around 2000 school children.

In order to help these children provide basic needs costs more than 5 pounds each

Adaption of handicapped children

With our help of this trust, handicapped children are provided help from time to time, with the help of sai devotees 15 handicapped children are given help in form of food(yearly) and education help

Approx: 100 pounds are given each by donors as annual maintenance for these children

Cardigans and sweaters

The distribution of sweaters in adopted schools is given every year. Each sweater costs 5 pounds.

In festivals particularly uttrayan, children are favored with dhani, dates, kites, etc. are distributed to school children.

Special help for monthly row food kit for handicapped children & mentally retarded

In these days of high inflation, it is difficult For children to study and survive hence This institution is helping them with wheat rice tea, sugar, turmeric, Chile powder, coriander powder, salt, grams, moong, tur dal, bajri, soap, detergent, brush, paste, etc.

Approximate: 15 pounds is an expense for one handicapped child


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