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  • women 861
awarded Tailoring Certificate and earning well
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There is an urgent need for this project as people without some kind of skill are unemployed and have no future. The above project helps not only to give these people jobs to provide food and clothing but a respectable living.

Saisruti’s skills training programmes such as Driving, Computing, and Tailoring is designed for people who have left their studies or are not well educated. According to our experience in this field for the last eight years we believe that with given support and help we can give these people an independent living.

It is not enough to give just training but it is very important that such people are given an instrument to make their living, such as a sewing machine. Also they will need some kind of connections with clothing manufacturers to get some work. A skills programmes is never completed unless one helps those trained to the final stage of getting a job for living(Since 2009 to 2015 861 women been awarded Tailoring Certificate and earning well)


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