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Narayan Seva

Narayan Seva

Saisruti has provided meals :
  • Children 1,86,550
  • Primary school 897
  • nursery school 125
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Saisruti is working to provide food to those people who have nothing and are suffering mentally. We go to remote villages to help the underprivileged people. Our initial step is to supply food and clothing giving them a respectful lifestyle. Some of the people come from good families but due to circumstances beyond their control have lost everything and are suffering from depression.

Our main aim is to give them confidence by counselling and training in their field of interest. One has to be independent for moral reasons and once they become independent they will be able to support not only themselves but those related to them too. Saisruti believes that Narayan Seva should be an initial step to help those in need but finally they have to be independent.

When one looks at the saisruti Narayan Seva projects they will find that saisruti has taken steps in the areas where there is an urgent need for help. Narayan Seva is covering large field of services needed for people in the remote villages… (Since 2009 to 2015 through donors saisruti has provided meals to 1,86,550 children through 897 Primary school and 125 nursery school in 15 state of Gujarat)


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