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This project is not as difficult as the other projects since Indian Government is encouraging primary education. However, the people in remote villages have very low income or are jobless and hence they tend to engage their children for some kind of work to help the families. We have seen that despite of several visits to the parents and counselling they have been reluctant to send their children to schools.

The school teachers are also being told by the Indian Government to approach such families and request them to educate their children but unfortunately the parents take very little interest since they will lose a helping hand from their children.

After thorough study saisruti has found a way to improve the situation and it has been working so far. After talking to the parents we found that Government does supply Text Book and further 150 rupees towards education aid. If the parents send their children to school they will have to buy school uniform, exercise books, pencil, rubber, slippers, school bags and so on. This means parents will need further 200 to 300 rupees to be able to educate their child. Majority of these parents are in labor work or jobless and cannot afford to educate their children, Saisruti has sponsored 10 schools (14600 Children) providing them with complete uniform, full stationary, exercise books and their total needs.

Since last several years’ parents have been encouraged by this help and we have notice increased in attendance.Further to this saisruti through Narayan seva is providing nutritious food to many schools on regular basis. This also has helped towards attendance and children’s health.


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