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Cow Sanctuary

Cow Sanctuary

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Why a cow centre? I was on a special mission to help underprivileged children in India during May 2009 and while walking on the streets of Anand I noticed many abandoned, sick and homeless cows wandering for food and water in vein. Some of these animals were lying on the street with wounds and broken legs.

I felt very sorry for such state of these animals but had no idea how to rescue them. At night in the Hotel I got a dream where my spiritual master told to open a cow care home. Next day I embarked on the mission and with the divine grace the Cow Care Home was inaugurated within six months.

If one sees the Cow Care Centre, they will hardly be able to believe that it came in existence within six months.

Today we are caring for over 280 cows and so far we have rescued over two thousand five hundred cows from slaughtering and suffering. We want to give these neglected, forgotten and abandoned divine mother cow’s fresh life and future.

I am sure there are many kind hearted people who would like to extend their hands for this wonderful service. When one serves a cow he/she serves entire God Heads.For more details related to cow care centre please visit at We humans are fortunate since with God’s grace we have some kind of shelter on our head, food to sustain our body, clothing to protect us and family and friend in need of help.

Owing to our good karma in previous births we are enjoying the human form but the cow despite of serving us, are left on the street with no help what so ever. All we would like to say to you is pay a visit to our web site and think what can you share to help these abandoned cows?


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