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Computer Training

Computer Training

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Computer literacy is considered to be a very important skill to possess while in developed and developing countries. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers.
Many companies try to use computers to help run their company faster and cheaper.We provide following training,

Computer skills:
Computer skills refer to the ability to use the software and hardware of a computer. Being computer functional is usually what is meant by one with computer skills; computer literacy is only really evident in advanced computer skills.
They include:
Basic computer skills:
Knowing how to switch on the computer. Being able to use a mouse to interact with elements on the screen. Being able to use the computer keyboard. Being able to shut down the computer properly after use.
Intermediate skills:
Functional knowledge of word processing. How to use email. How to use the internet installing software? Navigating a computer file system
Advanced skills include:
Understanding the problems of data security. Use of a computer for scientific research. Fixing software conflicts.
Repairing computer hardware


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