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Cloth Distribution

Cloth Distribution

Distributed :
  • Blankets 5351
  • Sweaters 12,500
  • Sarees 18,975
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There are many charities which distribute second hand clothing in India. However, saisruti has a special respect for people whom they distribute the clothing. We think just handing over any garment to cloth the people is not right and hence we distribute correct size clothing according to the requirement of a person in need. During our cloth distribution exercise we have found mostly people have been given just second hand garments without taking into consideration whether the garment fits or not.

The aim of a charity should be to provide a garment or a blanket as needed but make sure that it fits the one who is in need. Saisruti generally select the area where there is a need for distribution and after investigation and survey supply the clothing/blankets directly to the one in need. We do not use agents or distributors but do it all ourselves so as to serve the needy with Love and affection.

Distributed 5351  Blankets, 12,500 Sweaters and 18,975 Sarees to villagers and handicapped.


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